Frequently Asked Questions

My Family Bill offers a range of services including a thorough review of your medical bill and insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOB), findings report, personalized negotiation toolkit, direct hospital contact information and access to an educational course on medical billing.
After a detailed analysis of your medical bills and insurance EOBs we will provide you with findings report highlighting any errors or discrepancies found during the review process.  We then provide a customized negotiation package tailored to your specific situation allowing you to effectively negotiate your medical bills.

Based on your findings report, we provide ready-to-use, customized email templates for you to use for effective negotiation. You will receive ALL the following below as applicable:

  • Customized Negotiation Letter for Errors, Overages, and Denials.
  • Customized Negotiation Letter for Financial Hardship.
  • Customized Negotiation Letter for Your Specific Circumstances.
  • Follow-Up Negotiation Letter.
  • Escalating Letter when hospital is nonresponsive.
  • Letter/Email Requesting Itemized Bill from Hospital.
  • Personalized Negotiation Script for Phone Call to Hospital.
Our Educational Course covers fundamental aspects of medical billing, insurance navigation, billing codes, EOB interpretation, affective negotiation techniques, medical bill regulations, and industry updates.
You can use our services as often as you like.  Whenever you receive a new medical bill or have new concerns about your healthcare expenses, we are here to assist you.
The typical turnaround time for receiving the findings letter and negotiation package is 3-5 days. However, please note that the exact timeframe may vary depending on the complexity of the situation.
To begin, purchase one of our packages, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our team will guide you through the process and ensure a seamless initiation of our services.

In our experience, clients can expect to receive on average 30 to 50% reduction in bills.  In some cases, we have helped to eliminate bills completely. Your savings will depend on your unique situation.

Leave Stressful Medical Bills Behind

Let us help to reduce your medical bills.

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