Our Mission

At My Family Bill, we empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to effectively lower their medical bills. Acknowledging that medical debt is a significant concern in America, we are committed to applying our expertise to tackle this issue. Our mission is to educate, advocate, and support every patient, ensuring they are equipped to pay a fair and affordable price for their medical bills.

Our Values


Our team's deep understanding of medical billing enables expert guidance.

Results driven

We focus on substantial reductions in medical bills. We proudly stand behind our service with a money back guarantee policy.


Our goal is to make an impact on people’s financial well-being by relieving the burden of excessive medical bills.


We genuinely care and empathize with individuals facing financial challenges. We have been in your shoes and hope to help in any way possible.

Our team

Our team is a unique blend of professionals dedicated to helping you tackle your medical bills. We are comprised of medical billers, hospital staff, doctors, astute financial analysts, and individuals who’ve personally faced medical bill challenges. Our combined expertise ensures comprehensive support for every client.

Our Team

Aaron Nass

Founder, CEO


Senior Advisor

Warren Gumpel

Co-Founder, COO


Head Medical Coder

Stella Nass

Senior Advocate


Marketing Director

Leave stressful medical bills behind

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